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Thrive After Birth Blog Post

Post Birth Wellness Tips from a Postpartum Doula

I have many sayings, a favorite and partial business namesake is “You’ve got to Nourish to Flourish”!

I hope these tips help you Thrive!

Door Hanger Tip

Door Hanger

Putting a task list of sorts on the door for your guests to see upon entering would let them know what simple tasks they can complete for you while visiting. 



Joint Pain Postpartum

Joint pain

Relaxin loosens the ligaments to help your body accommodate the excess weight of carrying a baby (or babies) and helps prepare the body for the birth. It can take some time for the ligaments to return to their original positions and while this ligament realignment is taking place you may experience soreness and pain. What helps: taking warm showers or baths, postpartum massage, limiting lifting and strenuous activity, and getting plenty of rest can help you to heal.





When nursing, be sure your taking in more calories. Your body also needs protein, carbohydrates, and fats for energy. Meal plan, prepare freezer meals in advance if possible. Meal trains are also invaluable; make a plan and share it with a few friends and family. 


Teamleader Tip


Team Leader

Having a pre-planned team of friends and family who rally around you post-birth can be an integral part of a healthy postpartum recovery! Think of someone to “rally the troops”, keep things organized, and constantly flowing. The leader will be the main point of contact going forward, the gatekeeper if you will. They can help you manage who visits, how often, for how long, and what tasks they can complete for your family!

Back to normal

When will my body/life get back to normal?

You may hear “6 weeks”, “after the 4th trimester”, “9 months”, or “never”. Some are able to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight within a few months, others find themselves back at that weight but find that their clothes don’t fit the same. Be patient with these changes! The changes a baby brings may cause some to experience an identity crisis, just remember: “You are now a parent in addition to the person you already are–Parenthood is an expansion of who you are, not a loss of who you were!” 

This is a new normal! You are doing great.