My Strengths

StrengthsFinder 2.0

A wonderful coworker, turned friend, recommended to me “StrengthsFinder 2.0” From Gallup. The book and assessment are based on Don Clifton’s (well known as the father of Strengths Psychology) Clifton StrengthsFinder. Knowing the things that I excel at helps me understand my Why!

Here are my strengths:


I love meeting people and making new connections.  I am always learning new information so I have more topics to share with others. My Strengths Insight Report states, “Your congenial — that is, friendly — manner as well as your interest in people help you identify common ground, offer compliments, ask non-threatening questions, and effortlessly move in and out of conversations. “


I can literally imagine myself in another’s shoes. My Strengths Insight Report states, “instinctively, you automatically welcome different types of people into your life. Chances are good that you sense when someone needs your assistance without the person having to tell you.” I am skilled at helping people find the right words to express their feelings.


I see great potential in others, therefore I absolutely love seeing people experiencing success! My Strengths Insight Report states, “By nature, you desire to leave behind a legacy of great value and worth. In the end, you want your life to have mattered. For this reason, you are impelled to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the planet or people’s lives.” People often seek me out for help and encouragement because they know that my helpfulness is genuine and also very fulfilling for me.


I find many things interesting and crave to know more. I use small pieces of information to see a bigger picture. My Strengths Insight Report states, “You appear to study human beings the way others study for final tests. Your approach is direct, your gaze is intense, and your interest is sincere. You probably are determined to introduce these people to your acquaintances, family, or friends.”


I don’t often have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. My Strengths Insight Report states, “By nature, you like to amuse people with your stories. Your stories probably provide people with pleasant distractions from their daily routines, worries, and obligations. Chances are good that you are loquacious — that is, fond of talking. You gain people’s attention by sharing news and passing along information.”