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Guest Blog – What You Need to Find Balance When Working at Home With Kids 

Guest Blog by Lacie Martin Raisethemwell.org

Being a parent during the pandemic is extra tough! On top of your normal responsibilities, now you have to juggle working from home with your kids learning from home. Even if you have smaller children, trying to stay on top of it all can feel like a burden. Which can very quickly lead to emotional and physical burnout. 

Fortunately, there are ways to tame the lockdown chaos. You may just need a few pointers from Thrive After Birth to figure out what you need to stay afloat, including the resources below. 

You May Need a Helping Hand 

There may be times when you can’t do it all on your own and there’s nothing wrong with that! Especially when you’re dealing with so much added stress and chaos at home.

  • Consider your options for childcare, including grandparents and hired caregivers. 
  • Safely hire help if that’s what you need to stay focused during your work hours. 
  • Trying to work with a baby at home? Shannon with Thrive After Birth can help. 
  • For older children, tutoring services could keep them busy while you work. 

You’ll Definitely Need the Internet 

Everything is happening online these days. That could be a good thing if you’re a busy parent who’s trying to stay healthy and sane at home. Here’s how to use the internet for good. 

  • Stream online yoga classes for a regular dose of stretching and stress-relief. 
  • Allow more screen time for whatever will keep your kids busy, without guilt.
  • Connect with friends and play online games for some needed stress-relief. 
  • For gaming and streaming, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. 

You Also Need Some Time for Yourself 

No one can keep pouring from an empty cup. If the pandemic has your cup feeling bone-dry, self-care is the only solution. These tips will help you squeeze more of it into your routine: 

  • Let your little one slumber or play in a mini crib while you practice self-care.
  • Wake up with more self-care by practicing gratitude or getting in a workout. 
  • Take short deep breathing breaks during the day to lower your stress levels. 
  • Go for a walk outdoors to add more stress relief and self-care to your day. 

You Still Need Quality Time With Family 

When you’re spending every second of the day together, you may not think that planning actual family time is important. But it really is! Here are some safe and fun ideas to try. 

The pandemic has changed everything. From the way we work to the way our children learn to the way we live as families. Your own needs have likely changed as well, especially if you are trying to balance all three of these transitions. Whether you need help, self-care, quality time, or simply more screen time for your kids, know that your needs matter. 

Thrive After Birth is your go-to source for postpartum support and information. So check out Shannon’s services to see if they could help you thrive. 

Photo Credit: Pexels