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Guest Blog – Kids Going Back to School Soon? Learn How to Protect Them!

Guest Blog by Jenna Sherman of Parent-leaders.com

After months in lockdown, much of the country is slowly reopening. This, despite the coronavirus far from gone for good. For this reason, there’s a multitude of concerns that still remain on whether it’s a good idea to rejoin the world at this juncture. No doubt, among the biggest concerns for parents is the idea of sending their children back to school in just mere weeks. How safe it will be, remains to be seen, but there’s certainly no way you’re just going to throw all caution to the wind. Here are some measures you can take to ensure your child’s continued protection against COVID-19.

Health is Still the Best Defense
In the continuing fight against COVID-19, there’s no denying that maintaining your family’s health is the key to fending off the virus.
⦁ Boosting your child’s immune system will keep their bodies more capable of fighting diseases and viruses, including the coronavirus.
⦁ Ensuring that your kids eat right is a huge part of keeping them healthy, so reach out to Shannon Ward at Thrive After Birth for personalized meal planning.
⦁ You also want to keep a healthy home by choosing green cleaning alternatives and minimizing your kids’ exposure to harmful chemicals.

Safety in School Still Starts with You
School regulations can only do so much in keeping your kids safe. The actions you take to keep them protected are still their best chance of staying virus-free.
⦁ Learn what the CDC guidelines are for schools, so you know what to expect in the coming school year.
⦁ Of course, it falls on you to take precautions and ensure that your kids are safe in school.
⦁ You need to teach your kids proper handwashing techniques and keep them armed with the best hand sanitizer as they go back to school.
⦁ It’s also a must to reinforce the need to wear masks, especially in a public setting like school.

Home is Still the Safest Haven
Where COVID-19 may be lurking is not something you can control, but at the very least, you can certainly make your house virus free.
⦁ There are many things you have to remember and stay on top of, if you want to keep COVID-19 out of your home.
⦁ Know that even with your best efforts at cleaning, the virus-carrying germs can still hide in your home.
⦁ It can be wise to get your home deep-cleaned professionally and regularly.

Indeed, as long as COVID-19 exists, there’s really no sense in taking any unnecessary chances or to get careless just yet, especially when it comes to your kids. So keep them healthy and do what you can to ensure that they’re safe at home and in school. It’s the most that anyone can do at this point.

Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com

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