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Guest Blog – The Single Dad’s Survival Guide

Guest Blog by Daniel Sherwin of According to the National Center for Fathering, the rate of single dads is growing 6 percent a year. Even if you were already an active parent, chances are being a single father is a completely different experience. Here are some tips and advice from Thrive After Birth on going…

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Guest Blog – What You Need to Find Balance When Working at Home With Kids 

Guest Blog by Lacie Martin Being a parent during the pandemic is extra tough! On top of your normal responsibilities, now you have to juggle working from home with your kids learning from home. Even if you have smaller children, trying to stay on top of it all can feel like a burden. Which…

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Guest Blog – How Couples Can Get Their Groove Back After the Baby Arrives

Guest Blog by Jenna Sherman of A new baby can upend your life in ways you never imagined. And though it’s natural that your focus is on your little one, more time with the baby usually means less time with your partner. Often, new parents begin to argue or drift apart in the first few…

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A Penny & Soup

A Penny, Soup, & Sleep

I like to think there are multiple lessons to be had throughout the day, but what can I say, I crave knowledge and new things! I also know that in those lessons we often find even bigger lessons that apply to the larger picture of life. Sometimes these come up for me as signs to…

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Thrive After Birth Blog Post

Post Birth Wellness Tips from a Postpartum Doula

I have many sayings, a favorite and partial business namesake is “You’ve got to Nourish to Flourish”! I hope these tips help you Thrive! Door Hanger Putting a task list of sorts on the door for your guests to see upon entering would let them know what simple tasks they can complete for you while…

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Guest Blog – Tips for Pampering a Pregnant Pal During COVID-19

Guest Blog by Emily Graham of Pregnancy is an inherently challenging time, and we always want to be there for our pregnant friends. However, the pandemic has made being there substantially more complicated. For starters, actually physically being there can come with a boatload of risks. However, there are still plenty of things you…

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Masked mom and daughter in park

Guest Blog – Kids Going Back to School Soon? Learn How to Protect Them!

Guest Blog by Jenna Sherman of After months in lockdown, much of the country is slowly reopening. This, despite the coronavirus far from gone for good. For this reason, there’s a multitude of concerns that still remain on whether it’s a good idea to rejoin the world at this juncture. No doubt, among the biggest…

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Couple saving for baby

Guest Blog – Four Ways to Embrace Pregnancy and Keep Your Budget Down

Guest Blog by Emily Graham of MightyMoms Parenting is not cheap. There are medical costs, baby gear, childcare, and a new wardrobe to buy. It’s inevitable that having a baby is going to up your expenses and reduce your savings, but there are ways to keep your spending down. If you’re going to become a…

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Toy & Gift Safety Blog Sioux Falls, SD

December is Safe Toys & Gifts Month

In honor of safe gift giving this Christmas I will discuss the top toy-buying tips, choosing the right type of toy for the right age, and give 20 options for toys and gifts you can DIY with items around your house or for a minimum investment. Top Toy-Buying Tips: Read the label. Information for age…

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Thrive After Birth

NPE – Thrive After Birth

CLASS TOPICS FOR WEEK 8: Thrive After Birth Thrive After Birth 8-week New Parent Education Series and Specialty Classes Classes in the series: Understanding your Newborn Newborn Care Infant Feeding Soothing, Swaddling, & Alternative Health Care Safe Sleep for Everyone Thrive After Birth Specialty classes: Twining I am Becoming a Big Sister/Brother High-Risk Pregnancy/After Cesarean…

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