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A Penny & Soup

A Penny, Soup, & Sleep

I like to think there are multiple lessons to be had throughout the day, but what can I say, I crave knowledge and new things! I also know that in those lessons we often find even bigger lessons that apply to the larger picture of life. Sometimes these come up for me as signs to pay attention to as well.

A Penny & Soup

At my most recent visit with a client, she gave me a container of the soup I had helped prep the visit before. It is so gracious of her to think of me in this way, and I plan to enjoy the heck out of it once it thaws!

The Lesson in the last visit was: squash is MUCH easier to peel when you have a peeler!

The Best Lesson though: Peeling the squash by hand with a paring knife required my complete attention on the task at hand.  I was completely present in the moment, repeating the same rhythmic motion over and over, and the next thing I knew they were peeled. Be patient with the process, there is a time and place in everything for mindfulness! As Mister Miagi of The Karate Kid would say, “Wax on, Wax off, wax on, wax off, wax on…”

The sign that I was given today was this penny. Thriver-V (the toddler of my client) wanted to play with some coins they have in a coin counter. He dumped them out on the rug and did a swift hand motion to spread them all out and we dug in. The first coin I grabbed was this penny, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s from my birth year! What!? It’s gotta be a sign, so I asked if I could keep it!

I’ll admit I am not sure what the penny with my birth year’s significance might be, but I am glad to be open to the possibility of it.

Thriver-L and I also talked about something I read recently that I had tried on Baby-V and seemed to have success with!  When Baby-V was just transitioning into quiet sleep I gathered his hands at his center and held them there. He drifted into a deep cat nap. When his startle reflex activated I tried keeping his hands at center, so he wasn’t able to wake himself. This brought on a great conversation with Thriver-L about how sleep was going and what the family was doing as far as swaddling. I was also able to suggest some other things to try!

I really love what I DOula!

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