Thrive After Birth

Postpartum Support

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

There are many ways that I can help you as your postpartum doula!

Two ears to hear

It is of course my pleasure to listen to your birth story, details and all!

Two hands to help

While you are holding and cuddling your baby another set of hands will be helpful.

Maintain your household

Daily duties like: laundry, meal prepping, light cleaning, etc. can be done for you.

Provide resources

Many resources to share with you, including professional referrals and a lending library.

newborn care

I will model newborn care techniques, for example swaddling, safe sleep, and much more!

sibling support

While you get in bonding time with your newborn, I am happy to tend to your other little ones or pets!

What People Say

Satisfied families
Diapers changed
Loads of laundry
Meals prepped
I believe there are

3 Steps to Success as a New Parent


I want to empower you to Parent with Confidence! I have many evidence based resources I can share with you, as well as a lending library.

A network

I can help you pool your friends and families support. As well as refer you to my wonderful network of professionals.


Sometimes you just need a break, that’s OK. Sometimes you need to sleep, that’s OK too. New babies take it out of us and that’s OK. I am happy to help!


I am lucky to have been born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. I have many fond memories of ice skating and snowboarding growing up. I have also lived in Long Beach, California, and Cape May, New Jersey. I graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS in Psychology and began my journey to become a postpartum doula in 2016. My husband is my best friend, and our home is full with 2 crazy dogs, a cat-like dog, a 3-legged bearded dragon, and a beta and 5 Zebra Danios fish. We live in a cute 100+-year-old home about 12 miles outside of Sioux Falls in Hartford, SD!

 My Why

I care about people, am empathetic and pride myself on being a great listener. Children are naturally drawn to me, I really enjoy working with older siblings, and all types of animals too. I am intuitive, observant, analytical, passionate, creative, and kind. I love to serve others and don’t mind folding laundry, running to the grocery store, or making you a meal. I see a need to be filled and have the needed skills and gumption to Do something about it. I offer Friendly, Never Forced Parent and Baby Support and would love to help you to Parent with Confidence!

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